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Slide 1 – Weddings

Love set in Stone
Wedding days are whirlwinds, a beautiful blur of happy tears, nervous jitters, and pure joy. Photographs from the day aren’t just snapshots; they’re windows back to a specific moment in your love story. They capture the raw, fleeting emotions – your tribe of family and friends, unbridled laughter during toasts, faces in full flight on the dance floor. The photographs relive the day, not just through our own lens, but also from the perspectives of loved ones you might have missed in the joyous chaos.

More than that, wedding photos become heirlooms, tangible threads connecting you to your past and future. They’re stories, a way to bring your wedding day to life for generations to come.

While the memories themselves are precious, they can fade with time and so can photos, however your OnStone prints will live on in perfect colour, never fading, or turn yellow, holding that joyous moment on your walls forever. Wedding photos, framed in recycled timber and printed directly onto stone, with specialist UV inks result in a fine, art quality, the image is scratch and water resistant, has uninterrupted depth and, as there is no glass, no reflection.

Wedding Gift Cards
Natural, bespoke and born from the earth OnStones are shaped by hand in Australia, these prints are the perfect wedding gift idea. We create beautiful gift cards, posted to you for the last minute gift these can be ordered as an email gift card online for instant delivery for the truly forgetful.

Design a wall from your wedding photos
Imagine arranging your wedding photos in a way that speaks to your unique interior design, by using our design services we do the design for you, creating a wall that captures the day perfectly. Choose the classic elegance of “Good Knitting Pearl” for a timeless feel, or perhaps the untamed spirit of “The Builder” or “The Rambler”. This won’t be just a collection of pictures, but a vibrant embodiment to the beginning of your grand adventure together.

The handmade OnStone prints are filled with character and will live as long as the love they hold.

Slide 3 – Awards

Beyond the Glass: A Sustainable Statement in Recognition
Gone are the days of brassy plaques and dust gathering sculptures. Awards are getting an eco-friendly upgrade with an Australian made and natural, bespoke approach to recognition.

Imagine a program where recognition takes the form of handcrafted panels, each one an individual piece to be proud of. The foundation is meticulously hand crafted from reclaimed wood, its inherent beauty and natural grain a story of responsible reuse. Embedded within and supporting the design is stone, adding an earthy warmth. These aren’t just platforms for the award; they’re part of the story, a subtle nod to the environment we’re all working to protect.

Celebrate personal and group achievements, a team’s historic season or commemorate a legendary sporting moment with a custom Stone. Imagine capturing the roar of the crowd, the thrill of the winning shot, or the team spirit that carried them to victory – all immortalised on a handcrafted piece that speaks about their dedication telling a story beyond the game or achievement itself. Print a team photo on the Stone surface and have the team hand sign the back or, add some words that hold onto the season forever – immortalised.

Your whole team can be gifted with separately boxed pieces if requested; labeled and delivered ready for your awards night.

Please get in touch with us if you have an awards night you’d like to work towards or if you have individual awards, long service recognition, leadership awards, small business awards, school awards, sporting awards, environmental awards, bespoke awards, community awards, dance awards, music awards, industry awards, hospitality awards, retail awards and individual recognition…on and on and on…