Personalised Wall Design

Bringing warm memories to life on your walls

Photographs remind us of the joy and connection we’ve felt in these moments, having them printed and in our world lifts us up and reminds of all the beautiful moments in amongst the chaos of our everyday.

OnStone has 9 standard sizes using 4 lengths and yet the combinations and permutations are limitless when designing a wall of memories and art.

Luckily, we have a great design team who are masters of Tetris and interior design. Creating an OnStone wall is beyond AI (at this point); along with matching customer ascetics the considerations include composition, colour, connection and the tricky one – emotion.

OnStone provides the design services for free…We know that’s crazy in today’s world of quantified time slots. And it’s not an easy offer – creating a wall design is labour intensive when you consider the above factors + communication. OnStone does this because we want to make sure you get the most out of your OnStone prints and also when they’re hung safely on a wall and in formation it’s inordinately satisfying for all.

There are some limits:

  • We offer an initial design and then 2 amends as part of our free service, any changes after this will incur a standard design fee. 
  • We can print a template to go onto your walls, there will be a small cost for this or we can send the digital version and you can print on a large format printer in your area.
  • OnStone prints have a natural hanger in the back recess of each frame, D-rings are not practical for hanging with the design templates and after many years of developing OnStone we’ve found this is the best way of hang them, they’ll be flush to the wall and it’s a much better visual experience. 
  • Your design will need to be booked into our calendar, we’re a small team and can only manage a few designs each week – please contact us to organise this – [email protected]

Note: You don’t need to start  from scratch to use our design services, we can weave your new stones into your current wall or reimagine the whole design. After all life and ascetics are in constant motion.

Why print on stone: 

While the memories themselves are precious, they can fade with time and so can photos. However, hand crafted OnStone prints can live on in perfect colour, never fading or turning yellow, holding those joyous moments on your walls forever.

If you’re interested in any of the following get in touch;

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