How do I clean marks off the stone surface?

Marks on the Stone: Stone is a natural material that comes with small marks – bubbles, leaching and pour lines. These are unavoidable and need to be adopted as part of the character of Stone printing. Marks on the surface of the print: These are mostly oil marks, from fingerprints or residual oil from when we seal the timber. The best way to get rid of oil is with oil! Take a clean cloth and dip it in some olive oil. Dab off the excess and rub on the mark using a circular motion. Work the circles out and over the stone until the whole surface is covered. This should do the trick. If not, take a picture and send it in for some healing assessment.

How fragile is my stone print?

The image is scratch proof, however, it’s not invincible. Anything stronger than stone will scratch stone. The greatest vulnerability is when your stones are traveling. To protect them ensure the image face is well covered and there is no pressure directly onto the surface.
Do not place anything on top of your stone print, this is a fine art print and not a glazed tile.

Where can I hang my stone?

All the normal places + wet places too, ie bathrooms, kitchens and patios. Condensation and steam don’t hurt the stone however exterior elements such as acid rain and harsh sun destroy anything over time.

How should I hang my stone?

We have D-rings and wire on every frame so you can hang from the wire or from the timber frame for a flush hang.

The stone is semi-fragile so you need to treat it the same way you treat a glass image and hang it on a secure hook/screw/nail. The stone will live forever so don’t risk it on one of those 3M stick-on hooks as they give up the stick after a couple of years.

If you’re planning to hang your stones using a professional hanger, make a note in your order and we’ll ensure we use only D-rings. We also use D’rings for polyptych pieces.

My stone fell off the wall or came to harm in another way?

Send us in a picture and we’ll try to make a repair suggestion. If it’s too far gone, contact the shop – 03 8060 9842 or [email protected]

How long does it take from order?

We usually ask for 10 days, however if you need it sooner- make a note in the comments section.

Do you deliver and how much will it cost?

We do.

We package our product in recycled materials  (please don’t be offended when your stone print/s arrive enclosed in packing beans – they are made of corn). We send and gift in our OnStone gift boxes, these boxes protect the stones as well as presenting as a nice gift wrapping alternative.

Freight Costings:

Standard shipping across Australia – $13.50 flat rate
Express Post across Australia – $25.00 flat rate

International shipping is based on weight. Please email your quantity, sizes and address through to [email protected] and we’ll send back an accurate price.

The idea is to keep it very simple. Select an image then click the Upload button. Select the stone size from the menu on the left; once the cropping frame appears use the rotate button on the top right of the frame (if needed) then move the cropping tool using your mouse and arrow keys. Once you have captured the image in frame click on the ‘Save’ button, bottom right side.

We receive the original image and the cropped image is used as a guide. If we feel there is a problem with the quality, crop or size we will contact you by phone or email. If you feel you need to add some notes to the image there is a section in Checkout.

If you are having other problems please email us at [email protected] and we’ll sort it out in person.

What works well and not so well on stone?

This question delves into personal taste a little so we’ll keep it very general in order to assist with your image selection: Old photos look amazing on stone. We believe it’s the added charm of the second-life-timber and no glass closing it in.

Other strengths: Organic matter – trees, grass, water, stone etc; Movement and light. Having no glass means the movement and texture are far more effective.

The print is inherently matte and we don’t print with white ink so the white in the image will be the stone coming through. This creates a greater depth and a better relationship between the image and stone.

How do I get a physical photo to you?

A couple of ways – you can get it scanned at 300+ dpi and upload as normal or, send them to us using registered post and we’ll return them with the prints.

Or, drop into the workshop in South Melbourne and we’ll scan on the spot.

If you have another question we’re happy to answer by email or phone.