Made by many hands.

OnStone balances timber, ink and stone to create a beautiful object.

Second life materials take a little longer and give a little more.

Timber and stone, past and present, family and work. This is how OnStone started in 2012.

We are here to find a balance between all the ingredients that, mixed together, make up our beautifully imperfect life. Balancing things out, while putting our product out there. Something meaningful – framing people’s lives, something we work for everyday, something we take planes for, pull out splinters for, venture out into new adventures, a marvellous leap into the unknown. We surround ourselves with people who use their hands, trust their eye and share great stories, talk to gather inspiration, waste time, find our feet again in and out of serendipitous events, tricking our minds to think that everything will be perfect. Who calls that the power of positive envisioning?

It’s all in the balance, and yet we seem to lose it over and over again.

Working with natural materials that can never be tamed. Every piece of timber, every grain of stone behaves as intended.

Using second life materials takes a little longer, carrying their own designs through production. We simply make the most of these characters and enjoy their differences.

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