Polyptychs: one image across multiple stones

OnStone can turn an image into a piece of art
using a collection of stone sizes with your images.

For an understanding of the …tych’s: A Diptych is an artwork made of two separate panels. A Triptych is the same, but with three panels. And the more complex ones with four, five or even dozens of panels are called Polyptychs, from the Greek words “poly-” meaning many and “ptychē” meaning fold. This art form was very popular in the early Renaissance and primarily used in religious art. Nick thinks he should have been born in the Renaissance period, he would have made a very good IT specialist.

Images that work in polyptych form include landscapes and structures. Although as you can above we’ve managed to include faces and Jimmy Stynes (AFL Melbourne Football Club Great).  

How to proceed if you’re considering a polyptych OnStone:

Email the image through to [email protected] – along with your ideas and we’ll be in touch with the potential options.