Beyond the Glass: A Sustainable Statement in Recognition

Gone are the days of brassy plaques and dust gathering sculptures. Awards are getting an eco-friendly upgrade with an Australian made and natural, bespoke approach to recognition.

Imagine a program where recognition takes the form of handcrafted panels, each one an individual piece to be proud of. The foundation is meticulously hand crafted from reclaimed wood, its inherent beauty and natural grain a story of responsible reuse. Embedded within and supporting the design is stone, adding an earthy warmth. These aren’t just platforms for the award; they’re part of the story, a subtle nod to the environment we’re all working to protect.

Celebrate personal and group achievements, a team’s historic season or commemorate a legendary sporting moment with a custom Stone. Imagine capturing the roar of the crowd, the thrill of the winning shot, or the team spirit that carried them to victory – all immortalised on a handcrafted piece that speaks about their dedication telling a story beyond the game or achievement itself. Print a team photo on the Stone surface and have the team hand sign the back or, add some words that hold onto the season forever – immortalised.

Your whole team can be gifted with separately boxed pieces if requested; labeled and delivered ready for your awards night.

Please get in touch with us if you have an awards night you’d like to work towards or if you have individual awards, long service recognition, leadership awards, small business awards, school awards, sporting awards, environmental awards, bespoke awards, community awards, dance awards, music awards, industry awards, hospitality awards, retail awards and individual recognition…on and on and on…