Sandra Eterovic

Sandra Eterovic is bit of a local legend in her hometown of Melbourne, Australia. A humble, self-deprecating, quietly amusing one. We’re pretty excited to have her.

She’s a freelance illustrator who’s created books for Penguin, magazine covers for Frankie and album art for Rob Snarski. She slays ‘em at design markets, exhibitions and Etsy with her quirky, vintage inspired work on wood, paper and textiles.

Growing up, Sandra drew constantly. Fashion, astronomy, botany, anatomy. Anything with intricate detailing. She worked in textile and graphic design for 15 years, not drawing anything for herself. Then she came home to illustration. Her trademark is small-scale work, amusing detail and wordplay. Her journals are filled with writing, not images. Lists of antonyms sprout pictures in her mind.

Her appetite for oddball vintage ephemera is insatiable. Her studio would make an asthmatic wheezy.

“My painting style is often described as ‘intentionally naïve’. It is not intentional. The way I interpret the world was formed by the illustrated books of my childhood. I use acrylic paint on wood, mostly because I like its warmth, but also because I can cut my paintings into shapes when I feel like it.”

Sandra passed away on the 18th of November 2018 and for now, we hold onto her beautiful, funny and colour-filled artworks. Please continue to brighten your homes with Sandra’s work and keep sharing her gift. Note: all royalties go to Sandra’s loving family.

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