Minna Leunig

Minna Leunig paints in black and white pigment and makes primal, playful images inspired by the natural world. She has a wandering hand and an intuitive, lyrical approach.

 She grew up in Victoria’s north-east with her beloved dogs and spent her teens wandering the bush on foot and on horseback. Her love and respect for Australia’s landscape and life forms runs deep.

Minna exhibits at galleries like Montsalvat, Neon Parlour and Fawn. And out in the street, via privately commissioned wall murals that bring her gorgeous creatures to life in industrial neighbourhoods across inner Melbourne.

She reckons art should be an integral part of everyday life. For everyone. No arguments there.

Our Collection
Minna’s work celebrates animals: wild, domesticated, completely at home in a botanical world that exerts a strong influence too.

She pays homage by representing them as unique species and as individuals. Full of character, personality and spirit in a world that often commodifies, devalues or destroys them.

Find out more: http://www.minnaleunig.com/

Meet Minna