Kath Dolan

Kath Dolan is a freelance writer and very part time artist from Melbourne, Australia.

She’s endlessly fascinated by creative folk and regularly interviews them for UPPERCASE, Green, Illustrators Australia and her new interview series ‘Why Thank You, I Made it Myself’.

Kath’s graphite pencil and watercolour artwork explores the anthropomorphic and surreal. Odd little exchanges and the moments thereafter. Furry animals are a recurring theme but take ages to draw. She should try insects.

Kath lives with her layabout family and furry side-kick in a funny old house in Melbourne’s north surrounded by improbably tall gum trees, noisy birds and big, fat bats.

Our Collection
Kath’s animal band series started with a sheep on trumpet. Auditions take place in her subconscious and she’s rarely invited. New members simply turn up periodically, unannounced. Right now there’s a goat trying out for the horn section. That’s her shy little dog on bass. An actual gig would make her hyperventilate.

Find out more: https://kathdolan.com.au/

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