John Santucci

John Santucci is a painter and mixed-media artist based in Byron Bay, Australia. His whimsical works on wood and canvas are informed by 20 years in the film industry and formative years on the move between Australia’s major steel towns: first for his dad, later for John. Hence his rich, cinematic iconography inspired by life in motion: caravans, cityscapes – many with industrial or maritime themes, circus, architectural photography and nature at its most verdant.

Our Collection
When he moved to Byron John’s work was mainly focused on surreal cityscapes and whimsical caravans. But new surroundings inspired new directions. He turned to a subject quite literally staring him in the face: his family’s initially basic but fast-growing garden. They planted madly, and the botanical works that grew have been inspired by the fruits of that labour. They’re a serene contemplation of form, composition and nature’s incredible beauty.

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