Butter wouldn’t melt in Celeste Mountjoy’s mouth. Her alter-ego, Filthyratbag, is kinda lippy. And building a cult following for deadpan, razor-sharp social commentary and ultra-minimalist style.

Celeste was still at high school when she unleashed Filthy’s unforgiving observations of gender politics, racism, hypocrisy and general human stupidity via Instagram. By 16 she’d amassed a gobsmacking following and corresponding media frenzy. All a bit surreal.

Now she’s out of school and making art in her own new(ish) studio in Collingwood. OnStone is her first collaborator with these hilarious prints for sale. We’re rapt. You’re in for a treat.

Celeste hates wanging on about herself. If we forced her (we did) she’d describe herself like this: “a creator of politically-charged, sarcastic, humorous and emotive comics that tap into unspoken and relatable feelings.”

Meet Filthyratbag