David Fooks

David Fooks lives in lovely Tasmania. He paints and draws and uses art to explore perceptions of beauty. His. Yours. Ours.

David moves back and forth between landscapes and portraits. His favourite thing is combining elements of realism with intimate abstractions.

Tassie’s natural beauty is endlessly inspiring. Travels overseas get his blood pumping too. David’s one of life’s natural observers. He sketches every place he visits.

David’s worked in graphic design and illustration for years and reckons that’s shaped his use of colour, approach to layout and curiosity about style.

Our Collection
David’s work in the On Stone Collection is called Peaking Light. It’s part of a developing series based on gathered scenes of ice formations and mountains. The image was inspired by a recent trip through the Swiss Alps.

Find out more: http://davidfooks.com/

Meet David