• MCG – Jimmy Stynes Room

    If you love AFL you probably love one of its favourite sons – Jimmy Stynes.
    As a tribute to a great footballer, the MCG commissioned a large piece for the Jimmy Stynes room in the Members area. Along with Architects Artillery, we deconstructed the great man in a unique diamond hang form, highlighting the body mechanics behind a perfect kick. The final piece is just over 4 meters high, made up from 60+ stones.

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  • Awards, plaques & trophies.

    OnStone can print images | photos |  words | onto an award, plaque or trophy.
    These can be custom made and designed for one, or for many.  Stone prints can be signed and personalised (note stone is porous and can hold a pencil, biro or sharpie ).

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  • Weddings large and small

    A wedding can be two things; an emotional blur and a wondrous party…. which sometimes is also a bit of a haze. To print on stone, is to hold the memory of your special day, forever.

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  • Medical Rooms – Melbourne

    The idea was to bring nature and art into a contemporary, windowless, waiting-room. The photographs were selected from our professional photographer’s archive – two tranquil, calm, still images. OnStone created custom polyptychs that framed sections of interest and depth.

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  • Family wall – Sam Kiely

    “We collaborated with OnStone and curated a permanent and artistic display of our family on the living room wall. The result is an incredibly cosy series of snapshots of our life, a collection of moments where small interactions are captured, printed on stone and treasured forever. The wall was the centre of our living space; then we moved and played around with a new layout – Family Tetris, the sizes clicked together nicely and the space is again owned by memories in stone – we love it!” ~ Sam Kiely

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