Photography Packages

shoot + curate + stones + delivery + hang.

After 4 years in the stone printing game we’ve grown a fair collection of photographers and designers – And now it’s time to collaborate and build great stone walls using their skills, our stones and your families.

We work with a selection of photographers that can tell a story without using a word.

Bringing together the people you love, using a documentary style that collects an honest set of family interactions and movements. We focus on keeping it light, capturing quiet moments with genuine connections. We then curate and design a piece to suit your space. To top it off we deliver and hang. There’s nothing left to do except marvel at your family being themselves in an artfully held moment in time.


  • Up to 3 hour photography session
  • Wall curation and design
  • Up to 15 Stone prints
  • Delivery
  • Hanging
  • USB with hi-res images
  • 15% discount on additional prints

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A day in the life…

“I had been wanting some photos of our family for some time, but was very reluctant to follow the road of the traditional family portraits as I’ve found them a touch forced and lacking in personality. I wanted a more active, fun and expressive way to capture the life of my family.

Luckily for me, I struck up a conversation about the package deals while browsing in the store. Soon after we met with a very talented photographer Amy Woodward, to talk through my ideas and intensions. Amy managed to collect a bunch of amazing moments while we talked, played and interacted.

We then collaborated with OnStone and curated a permanent and artistic display of this day on our living room wall. The result is an incredibly cosy series of snapshot of our life, a collection of moments where small interactions are captured, printed on stone and treasured forever. The wall has become the centre of our living space.”

Sam Kiely


  • Up to 3 hour photography session (with selected photographer)
  • Scanning and retouching of other images to add to your wall
  • 25 Stone prints
  • Wall curation and design
  • Delivery
  • Hanging
  • USB with hi-res images
  • 25% discount on additional prints

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Your Life in Full View…

“Our Onstone Family Wall is a beautiful expression of our life with snippets of our past mixed together with moments of our present. It has brought such a warmth to our house and has captured the joyful chaos of our family life.

The whole process was a wonderful collaboration between our family and the Onstone creatives, Emma and Lucy. Their genius lies in their ability to gently guide with expert advice. They took time to understand our family dynamic and, equally as important, to understand our aesthetic.

Prior to the shoot we chose a number of our favourite photos. Emma then sat down and we talked about each one, why we chose it and its significance. We decided that the shoot should take place in our garden. It was such a great choice. Everyone was relaxed, including the dog and the chickens! The photographer was able to find that little unique ‘something’ in all of us – a scrunch of a nose, a cheekiness of a sideways glance.

The team at Onstone masterfully curated the old and the new photos. Each memory beautifully cast on stone and framed in recycled timber. Tom then wove his magic by expertly hanging every stone to our wall. Like a well thought out puzzle the beauty lies in it’s entirety. Each frame measured & set with precision.

For me, seeing the images of our life on our wall makes me feel grateful and proud (and a little teary) of what we have created. This wall tells our story.

I have decided that the creative team at OnStone are the patron saints of memories.
Thank you Emma, Lucy, Amy, Tom and Nick. xxx”

Emma Nosiara

Start the stone rolling…

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We have photographers in Melbourne, Sydney and Singapore.

If you’re outside these areas we’ll do some investigating and find a photographer that suits our surface and your imaginings.