STEP 1. Select your image source

Computer or Smartphone

Drag and drop your image here or click upload.
Note: if your file is larger then 20MB we suggest using a file transfer program



Upload directly from your instagram account. Note: small and medium square stones are well suited to these images.


Upload Support

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STEP 2. Select your stone size

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Timber Depth

Mantel standing only applies to the following stone sizes:
150 x 150 small square, 210 x 150 small rectangle, 150 x 300 small panoramic, 150 x 420 medium panoramic

Timber Colouring

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Medium Rectangle

Your image will be printed directly onto the stone surface. The porous nature of stone creates a perfect match with the latest UV cured print technology. The effect is a fine art quality image.

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It takes 2 weeks to make your OnStone print. If you need it sooner please select Express post and make a note in the comments section and we’ll try our best to make it happen.

Timber Selection

We collect a varied range of timbers that have spent a lifetime preforming useful, hard wearing jobs - Mostly fences and flooring.
Our printing team balances the character of each stone panel with your image.
If you have any specific requests, use the notes section ahead.

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  • 1. Upload
  • 2. Size & Crop
  • 3. Finish
Additional information

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Drag the corners to scale the crop area, or click the arrow button to rotate 90 degrees

Timber and placement guide only. We hand select the timber to compliment your image.


Image Resolutions

In order to get a crisp finish on your stone print, ensure your image is the highest quality possible. If it’s moved between phones find the original one and upload.

Facebook images have been stripped of pixels to reduce file size and unfortunately they don’t work in print. Seek out the original and you’ll have the best results on stone.

• Lowest dpi (dots-per-inch) for print is 100 dpi at size (A4 at size is 210mm x 300mm). Anything over 150 dpi will be free of resolution concerns.

• When scanning images, select 300 + dpi.

File Formats

Files exceeding 20MB will not uploaded. Use a file transfer program and send an email with all your image and contact details – an easy to use option is

Tiff files give the best results.

Image Troubleshooting

• Open the file on your computer and check its a .jpg and not a jpeg.

• To shrink your file under 20MB, you will need to open Photoshop, resize your image to your desired stone size and set the resolution to 300dpi.

• Please avoid using Internet Explorer as your web browser. Try uploading your image using either Google Chrome, Safari or Firefox.

Image Still Not Working?

We are constantly refining our Upload Tool and updating the technology – if you’re having issues fall back on our people and get in contact with us via phone (03) 8060 9842 or email