Sometimes it helps to see a set, conceptualise a space or just to stand back and relax your imagination.

OnStone has nine regular sizes, using four lengths. If you remember Tetris from the 1980’s; OnStone’s work best when they click together and fill the available space/s.

We’ve included a few designs that work in common spaces – Above a fireplace, in an entry, corridor or stairwell. These designs include the overall size of the piece, number of stones and the pricing. We hope this page helps with your planning and if you need further guidance call the store in Southe Melbourne and we’ll help you out.

if you’re happy to select one of these layouts for your space, send a Dropbox link with your photos numbered and named, as per the layout and we’ll email through a proof and provide 15% off the total price.

Eight stone prints wtih predominantly landscape images.
Good for a family collection of images, groups of people or travel pics.
Stone Sizes:
1 x Large Rectangle (420x300mm)
3 x Medium Rectangle (300x210mm)
2 x Small Rectangle (210x150mm)
1 x Medium Square (210x210mm)
1 x Small Square (150x150mm)

This labout (with 20mm spacing) = 1100 mm (w) x 960mm (h)
Note: the section of wall shown is 1700 x 1200mm.
The Stairwell layout can be elongated or reduced in height if needed.

Price – $855, or dropoboxed and labled for – $726

Special Orders